Touching Grass

a scan of a medium format photograph of some tents and bicycles in the woods

Shot on Fuji GW690II on Portra 800, developed and scanned by Underdog Film Lab

I was always a big city person. I liked nature, but not excessively. Now that I’m almost 5 years into being a Californian, that’s starting to change. I don’t just like the outdoors, I love it. I survived (and thrived) at a five day backcountry Yosemite backpacking trip with no toilets or showers. I scaled Half Dome. I go bikecamping a few times a year.

That’s one of the joys of living in Northern California, and in being in San Francisco specifically. I can bike to the Golden Gate Bridge in 20 minutes or so, and cross it in the same time (I don’t bike very fast). Across the bridge, I can go west to the Marin Headlands or straight into the small towns of Sausalito, Mill Valley, or as far as San Rafael or San Anselmo where I have some favorite spots for food and snacks; and in some areas, set up camp if I want.

I’m thankful to have the opportunity to experience this, and to have found a bunch of folks who will come experience all of this with me.

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