One Night in the Mission

I used to be a creature of the night, but no longer. I used to be out all the time, but rarely now. Partly, it’s that San Francisco is so chilly at night, but also that it’s pretty dead at night compared to the much bigger cities I’ve lived in. I don’t quite enjoy walking around, cold, in areas where there just sijmply isn’t that much going on at all. For my wife’s birthday, we went out to dinner in the Mission and I also brought my Minolta Hi-Matic 7S II. It’s fast becoming one of the cameras I use the most: its f1.7 lens, combined with the small form factor and weight, makes it easy for me to pop it into my jacket pocket. It works really well indoors at night, too, with black and white film (and a steady hand.. or an elbow firmly on a table or chair or door, which is my style. I dislike tripods).

Here are some shots on Kentmere 400, pushed to 800 in Ilfosol 3 (1:9). I really like the combination of this film and this camera, and my self dev setup at home these days. Scanned on Noritsu LS-600.

a scan of a black and white photo showing an outdoor garden dining space with space heaters

The outdoor space at Blue Plate is quite lovely. So is the key lime pie there.

a scan of a black and white photo showing the neon symbols that are the sign of a bar in the Outer Mission

I love neon signs. I also love that I was professionally involved in getting these ‘parklets’ up early pandemic: my team at helped get a joint permitting process out quickly to help businesses move their business outdoors.

a scan of a black and white photo showing the retro sign of the Mission cinema

Alamo Drafthouse in the Mission.

a scan of a black and white photo showing a few people ordering tacos from a street taco vendor

Street tacos are the best tacos. There was a lot of light from one side from the street lamps, but I quite enjoy the effect it casts on the photo.

I am starting to feel more confident about bulkrolling black and white film and developing it at home. Other than the cost savings, it’s the immediacy that I love: I can roll a 24 exposure cassette in black and white, shoot it in an hour, and come back and process it immediately and see it shortly after through a scanner or light table.

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