Drag Up, Fight Back

I had a drag-filled weekend that was full of trans joy. For that, I am grateful.

On Saturday, I went to the Drag Up, Fight Back march for drag and trans rights. Unless you’ve been living under a rock, trans people are under attack all over the world including in many parts of the US. California is not immune. It would be silly complacency to assume that because we are in San Francisco, things are going to be fine. In fact, a Republican in Riverside, CA, has just sponsored AB 1314 which would require educators to inform parents if their kids are trans. I hope I don’t have to tell you how harmful that will be to trans people, and how that’s just the start of more anti-trans legislation wrapped up in the supposed just-asking-questions ‘concern’ of ‘children’. If they truly cared about the children, they would support an environment where all children, including queer and trans children, don’t have to live in fear, where they can be who they are without being used as a political prop.

So we march.

a scan of a black and white photo of a person wearing heart-shaped sunglasses and having a Pentax film camera around their neck

I met a few other film photography enthusiasts!

a scan of a black and white photo showing a person being interviewed, holding a sign that says Being Born Naked is a DRAG, a quote from Rupal

Lots of people were being interviewed by all sorts of journalists.

a scan of a black and white photo showing a sign being held up that says stop the joy destroyers

Stop the joy destroyers, indeed!

a scan of a black and white photo showing a person holding a sign that says Smash the Cistem

Cistem of a down.

a scan of a black and white photo showing a few smiling people attending the drag and trans rally

So much joy. Especially compared to the lone, sad, and hateful anti-trans protestor across the street who nobody could hear or care about. He had a Repent or Perish sign! Very stylish. But not as stylish as these folks on the right side of the protest.

a scan of a black and white photo showing someone holding a sign that says Drag is Joy

Drag IS Joy.

All photos taken on Minolta Hi-Matic 7S II, Kodak 5222 film, developed in Rodinal 1:50 and scanned on Plustek 8200i

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