Little India, Singapore

The last time I was home in Singapore, I did one of my favorite alone activities: I walked a lot, and ended up in Little India. I did a 7km walk starting at sunset, and wound up there just in time for all kinds of fun. Since Mustafa Centre is 24 hours, and my favorite naan shop (Usman, along Desker Road) is open till 3 or 4, I am never in much of a hurry.

It was also mango season.

a color photo of mangoes

Mango season is my favorite season. And when that happens, I prefer to be in India or Singapore. (More on mangoes here)

a color photo of some jasmine flowers for the temple

The smell of jasmine flowers tells me there are devotees and a temple nearby. It also smells of home.

a color photograph of a part of Mustafa Centre

Mustafa Centre. How do I even describe how much I love it?

a color photo of a sign that says cold craft Indian beer

I would have loved this, if I was still into booze.

a color photograph of a tailor on the street mending some clothes

I’ve always loved this neighborhood the most because of all of the street life.

(All photos taken on Ricoh GR III)

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