Doors of Surabaya

One of my oldest friends in the world lives in Surabaya. I love visiting her. Not only is the food one of my favorite cuisines (East Java food is my favorite Indonesian regional food, and it can be hard to get abroad), the city is also a place I enjoy photographing. Eat, shoot, eat, shoot. That’s basically all I do there.

This was my first time there with a film camera. I brought my trusty tiny Nikon FE with a 28mm f.28 lens, as well as a 50mm pancake f1.8 lens. That’s really all I need on a vacation.

I even got the film sent off and developed at a local lab in Surabaya, which I was happy with.

a scan of a color photo showing a large old green door with metal handles


a scan of a color photo showing an old pale blue door and dirty cement and metal bars


a scan of a color photo showing a Chinese Indonesian noodle shop in old Surabaya with Chinese and Indonesian words. The door is green with yellow features


a scan of a color photo showing a no parking sign written in the Indonesian language

No parking.

a scan of a color photo showing rainbow colored pillars outside a kindergarten in Indonesia


I’m getting into the swing of things, shooting and developing film locally. Although I miss developing film since I’m so used to it, it’s nice to see what services are available.

(All photos taken on Nikon FE with either 28mm or 50mm lens. All photos are Kodak Gold 200, dev and scan by Impossible Lab Surabaya)

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