Mei Ling Street

Between 2013 and 2018, I lived near the Mei Ling Street estate. I felt like if I was a housing estate, I would be Mei Ling Street. It’s old and crumbly, but it’s also got fantastic third wave coffee, one of the best cheese shops in Asia, and a few of my favourite hawker stalls (Sin Kee, Shi Hui Yuan, Ah Pang Seafood, Hui Wei Lor Mee). It’s quiet and sleepy, on the surface, but full of interesting stuff if you know where to look!

a scan of a color photo of some yellow work shirts being hung from the side of a tall building

Old apartments.

a scan of a color photo of a few singapore flags on poles at a covered walkway


a scan of a color photo of cut grass in a wheelbarrow at the ground floor of a building


a scan of a color photo of danger, keep out sign in 4 languages

Danger. In all languages.

a scan of a color photo of chicken hanging from a hawker stall

One of the national dishes. One of my favourite stalls.

(All photos taken on Nikon FE, 50mm f1.8 pancake lens, Kodak Gold 200, dev and scan by Whampoa Colour Centre, Singapore)

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