My Little India

Of all of the neighbourhoods in Singapore, I’ve probably spent the most time in Little India. Not only was I born in a hospital on its edges, I also lived and studied near here for several years. Every trip abroad had to start with a visit to Little India, for foreign currency, electrical adapters, or extra supplies at Mustafa Centre.

1. A scan of a color photo of three glasses on a table top in front of blue and tan walls

Filter coffee.

2. A scan of a color photo of coconuts sitting on a counter at a restaurant


3. A scan of onions and potatoes being displayed at a little India grocer with a blue tarp over it

Aloo pyaz.

4. A scan of a color photo of colourful windows (painted green on wood and brown) with purple and green and bright green or yellow colors around it


5. A scan of a color photo of two men in little India sitting at the back of a restaurant. An alley opens up into them, and the foreground wall is painted with geometric clay color and shapes, indicating it is part of a Hindu temple next door


All photos taken on Nikon FE, 50mm, Kodak ProImage, dev and scan by Triple D Minilab, Singapore.

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