Chasing the Light

As a person from the literal equator, I struggle a lot with winter. Not the cold, since it’s not really that cold here in northern California, but with the increasingly shorter days. The best way I can describe it is that I feel as though my brain, happiness, and overall health is powered by the sun. The sun is my battery. The less of it there is, the worse I feel. Every year, without fail.

Going out for a run or walk daily has been the only thing that’s worked to help me feel okay consistently. Even when it’s grey and gloomy and rainy (the extent of winter here in San Francisco, but already way too awful for me), I try to go out for a run. I carry a tiny Olympus XA2 in my pocket and I take photos of the things that I see.

I see many beautiful things, because San Francisco is beautiful, and being outside in the beauty restores me.

a scan of a color photo of the golden gate bridge on a sunny day

Sunny, windy days.

a scan of a color photo of fort mason in san francisco with a farmers market and a view of the bridge in the background

Market days at Fort Mason.

a scan of a color photo of a cyclist biking through fort mason in san francisco with a fluorescent jacket. in the background, the golden gate bridge is slightly obscured

Overcast but still lovely days.

(All photos taken on an Olympus XA2, Fuji Superia 400, self-developed at home with Bellini C-41 kit and scanned on Plustek 8200i)

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