Waiting for dimsum

Whenever I can, I make the 45 minute walk to Chinatown in San Francisco to Dim Sum Bistro, my favorite ‘cheap dimsum’ spot. Sometimes, I take photos too.

I say this every chance I get: dimsum isn’t always ‘cheap’ food. Dimsum can be fancy, and should be fancy, because to make large amounts of high quality dimsum you need a very large team. ‘Nice dimsum’ is a treat. It’s a birthday meal, it’s a treat you give your parents, it’s going out to linger over nice tea and good ingredients to snack on dishes you probably won’t make at home.

Cheap dimsum also has a place. But it should still be fresh and of relatively high quality. The menu should be large and the ‘skin’ of dumplings shouldn’t be too thick. On these metrics, many of the other Chinatown dimsum places don’t pass muster for me. But Dim Sum Bistro always delivers. So I’m glad it’s here, and I’m glad I can have good, cheap dimsum.

a scan of a black and white photo of a machine in a dimsum shop that takes orders and payment. on the wall, menu pictures and items and a person leaning on the wall

Dim Sum Bistro
675 Broadway (Map)

(Photo taken on Minolta Hi-Matic 7S II, Kodak T-Max 400, developed in Xtol stock for 12:15 min @ ISO 1600)

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